Temple Israel

Building Community Since 1954
A Progressive Conservative Synagogue Serving Central Florida

50 South Moss Road
Winter Springs, FL 32708
Phone: (407) 647-3055
Email: office@tiflorida.org

50 South Moss Road, Winter Springs, FL 32708
Phone: (407) 647-3055 | Email: office@tiflorida.org

Keepers of the Flame

Not surprisingly, our membership dues do not cover Temple Israel’s expenses, and without generous donations we would be unable to fulfill our mission of building a sacred community. Thus our basic dues represent a member’s minimum financial commitment. Recognizing that there are many members who have the ability and the desire to provide greater support in addition to their basic dues, Temple Israel created a membership category called Keepers of the Flame to provide a mechanism for this increased level of giving. The generosity of our current and future Keepers is vital to the sustainability and growth of Temple Israel.

In appreciation of this increased-dues level of commitment, Keepers of the Flame are welcome at all Temple Israel sponsored Shabbat dinners, synagogue Seders and program events without additional charge. Only a reservation is required. Additionally, there is a designated “Keepers of the Flame” seating area at all of the High Holiday services.

The following giving levels are suggested:
Benefactors $15,000 and up
Pillars $10,000 to $14,999
Defender $7,800 to $9,999
Guardians $5,300 to $7,799
Protectors $3,300 to $5,299
Preservers $2,400 to $3,299
(individuals only)
$2,000 to $2,399


If you would like to be counted among our Keepers of the Flame, please send your giving level to:

Temple Israel
50 S. Moss Rd.,
Winter Springs, FL 32708-3002

For further information please contact our President, Adrian Share, at 407.496.5483 or email him at adrishare@gmail.com.

Temple Israel - Building Community Since 1954